Monday, February 24, 2014


okay hi guys so i said i was going to start making more fun creative posts/ shoots so here you are!! i went to this lil catholic thrift store that i havent really had luck in before and i got LOTS OF COOL STUFF like this is probably the coolest print i own right now and i was able to get it for one dollar which is always really cool. i got some more crazy print stuff that youll probably see more of this week
since im just coming home from school and its 9 o clock at night, my usual outdoor-lighting type posts are kind of out of the question, so i needed something to add some interest to my bland bathroom lighting. so i grabbed all the towels in my house and spent about a half hour placing them to cover everything that i could

1. hello my friends here is my whole outfit including urban outfitters velvet creepers, target plain skirt, and thrifted top
2. my face and all the towels to my familys name elegantly draped over various soap bottles and cabinets
3. the really cool print of this shirt- shoulder pads crazy buttons my kind of party
4. i love these earrings i got from target by the way

Monday, February 17, 2014


I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YEARS TO PURCHASE A DRESS LIKE THIS and i finally found this beauty on sale at after one of my favorite bloggers did an outfit post with it!! after waiting for it to go on sale and finally buying it, it took about 3 weeks to get here all the way from china, so i was really excited to wear it when it finally came ALSO we have bought the plane tickets to head over to philadelphia for my brothers wedding in april!!! hopefully ill be able to hit up some vintage stores and thrift shops up there for the time ill be there
im just wearing my keds, some frilly socks and some lil vintage earrings i got at a thrift store with this specimen of a dress

Saturday, February 15, 2014


im looking through the outfits that ive featured on this blog and im realizing that they are SERIOUSLY SLACKING and i know i havent been on here in a while, but ive been meaning to. ive been really busy lately so i havent been able to get full outfit posts. i normally follow along with new york fashion week pretty well, but this fashion week has really opened my eyes to how much i REALLY ASPIRE TO GO TO IT SOMEDAY. some of my favorite bloggers have been invited to fashion week and i just can not express enough how badly i want to be invited somewhere to watch fashion shows and meet people with the same interests as me like i dont really know how to express it specifically ill probably make a post about some of my favorite designers and their shows at some point. ALSO i have sketched out a collection to start working on and im kinda really excited about it. ill post pictures of the garments as they get finished, but basically i have some garments that i think have the potential to be really insane and cool and i really hope that they turn out the way that ive imagined them. im already kinda known for making outrageous things in my fashion class and i kinda want to get myself started and out there for the world to see ya know. like i am so sick of where i am right now as far as the place that im living in and the fact that i havent done anything particularly notable to the outside world and im hoping that this collection will be able to set me over that line. BUT FOR NOW ill still be posting pretty much the same kind of things that i have been. i normally barely wear any makeup of when i do its pretty minimal, but i kinda wanna venture over into experimenting into my styling so im gonna try to have some more posts like that. maybe some stuff about the lil crafty things and some sketches (you gonna have to forgive my drawing, stuff looks so much better when i make it than when i put it on paper).IF YOU HAVE READ ALL OF THIS CONGRATS AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND PATIENCE IMMA BRING THIS TO A CLOSE WITH SOME ODDS AND ENDS OF THE LAST FEW WEEKS

1. i was real excited to find this sweater in my local goodwill and even more excited that i can wear it as a dress
3. this is actually a really old picture but i figured it kinda went with the relatively dark theme that this post unintentionally turned out to be. this was also a crazy thrift store find that i had to undress a mannequin for
4. here is a picture of my face featuring my blue crayon lipstick that i made and my jumpsuit that will probably be featured in an outfit post sometime soon.
5. my brother and his girlfriend came to town and i had like a first lil band session with my bass

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


THIS WEEK HAS BEEN CRAZY BUSY. i take night classes at the local community college along with regular high school, and ive decided to join the debate team a week before the tournament (and a regional science fair coming up in a few weeks). so ive been at school for almost a good 12 hours every day of the week WHICH IS STARTIN TO WEAR ME DOWN.
so i figure if im gonna be at school so long, ive gotta bring out my most fun kooky outfits. ive been getting lots of inspiration for outfits and garments lately, from pictures to songs to tv shows everything is kinda getting me excited about what im gonna do next.
     heres what was kinda inspiring this outfit today

cutie cute cute sailor moon buttons
reeeeallly coool collar

((the formatting got really messed up and i am way too tired to fix that))
THIS OUTFIT WAS SO MUCH FUN TO PUT TOGETHER its like i piled on all the little trinkets ive found at the dollar store and tried to form an outfit out of it.

1. my whole outfit if either thrifted, my moms, or from the dollar store!!!!
3. the baby hair accessory department of the dollar store is really underrated LOOK AT THESE CUTIES
4. today my teacher asked me if i was in the navy and told me her father had shoes just like mine. i can totally dig it.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Yesterday I went digging in my moms closet for some of her old clothes recently and found this KILLER PLAID SKIRT along with her old Bully Hill Winery shirt. I think every time I post pictures on this blog its a record cold day here in Florida, which I'm pretty happy about.
also this week ive had my picture taken twice for the yearbook's "fashion page" which was pretty cool but also pretty weird. its like at this point everyone at school knows me as the girl who wears crazy clothes and i cant do anything to surprise anyone anymore. i kinda like that people think of me that way though. its like ive made a name for myself by just wearing what i think is cool.
AND even though its the dead of winter the starfruit tree next to my house is growing like crazy!!!! here is me next to it

1. mid-blink chillin next to this scraggly lookin plant
2. pickin some of that starfruit
3. my print game is strong enough to power a rocket to mars and  speak the language of the aliens

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


today is the first day back from winter break, and it also happens to be the coldest day of this winter so far, being around 30 degrees, which is pretty cold for florida.
being who i am, i once again am wearing an outfit that completely is not suited for the weather.

1. every part of  this outfit is either thrifted or homemade- or a combination of both!!
2. my "shady ladies" jacket- we decided to start the new semester off with showing the school that we run the place
3. my pin collection- all thrifted except the DIY girl power rosette brooch from rookie!!!
4. business working man-cat side of my socks
5. flowery lady-cat side of my socks

stay warm everyone!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014


hi everyone! ive never done anything like this before so i figured the new year would be a good place to start. my name is elizabeth white, and i live in a moderately boring suburb about an hour outside of orlando.
i am a huge enthusiast of everything as follows
kanye west, grimes, MIA, frilly lace, bangs, thrift stores, goats, rookie mag, crafts, cds, socks, beyonce, amphibians, lips, the early 2000s hip hop station on pandora, feminism, parks and recreation, green hair and learning
this is me (notice the needlepoint picture of a frog looking longingly at the moon behind me)

here is some stuff i made/did this year
(this is a jacket i made that includes some of my idols and MIA lyrics)
(climbed into a cabinet at a concert)
(joined our schools swim team with my crew (we are the only ones posing))
(LONG TIME AGO=LONG BANGS but i designed and sewed this dress from old couch fabric)
(formed a girl gang)

youll probably find out more about me later, but i figured this blog deserved an introduction first.