Saturday, January 18, 2014


Yesterday I went digging in my moms closet for some of her old clothes recently and found this KILLER PLAID SKIRT along with her old Bully Hill Winery shirt. I think every time I post pictures on this blog its a record cold day here in Florida, which I'm pretty happy about.
also this week ive had my picture taken twice for the yearbook's "fashion page" which was pretty cool but also pretty weird. its like at this point everyone at school knows me as the girl who wears crazy clothes and i cant do anything to surprise anyone anymore. i kinda like that people think of me that way though. its like ive made a name for myself by just wearing what i think is cool.
AND even though its the dead of winter the starfruit tree next to my house is growing like crazy!!!! here is me next to it

1. mid-blink chillin next to this scraggly lookin plant
2. pickin some of that starfruit
3. my print game is strong enough to power a rocket to mars and  speak the language of the aliens


  1. Wow this outfit is absolutely beautiful! I love it so much :') congrats on your reputation ahaha

  2. Gorgeous skirt x