Monday, February 24, 2014


okay hi guys so i said i was going to start making more fun creative posts/ shoots so here you are!! i went to this lil catholic thrift store that i havent really had luck in before and i got LOTS OF COOL STUFF like this is probably the coolest print i own right now and i was able to get it for one dollar which is always really cool. i got some more crazy print stuff that youll probably see more of this week
since im just coming home from school and its 9 o clock at night, my usual outdoor-lighting type posts are kind of out of the question, so i needed something to add some interest to my bland bathroom lighting. so i grabbed all the towels in my house and spent about a half hour placing them to cover everything that i could

1. hello my friends here is my whole outfit including urban outfitters velvet creepers, target plain skirt, and thrifted top
2. my face and all the towels to my familys name elegantly draped over various soap bottles and cabinets
3. the really cool print of this shirt- shoulder pads crazy buttons my kind of party
4. i love these earrings i got from target by the way


  1. i love those earrings!!!!

  2. Love your style. That shirt is everything. Obsessed with your fringe. It's too amazing! Your whole blog is great too :)